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How to Choose the Perfect Summer Blazer

One of the confusions associated with summer is how to dress. While you don't want an outfit that ends up suffocating, you also don't want to compromise on your style. What you need during this period are outfits that are that can as much as possible accommodate the humidity and heat that comes with summer weather. You can’t afford to just grab whatever your closet presents to you first. One of the summer-related outfit to go for is the summer blazers. These blazers are perfect for the season, keeping you warm and comfortable. With the right blazers, you can be sure to make a fashion statement this season. While any blazer can be worn during summer periods, not all blazers...

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How to wear a Summer Blazer

What to wear when it's warm outside the office, yet freezing inside due to aircon, and you've got social events lined up right after work every night of the week. When the weather outside is hot, the last thing you want is another layer suffocating you. But that doesn't mean you should totally forego your commitment to properly tailored clothes. 

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